Hotpot green


Hotpot Community Green…


The Hotpot Community Green is about bringing people together to share food, share life and build community out on our local green spaces.


These are typically but not always, one off events hosted by a local church who invite the neighbourhood around our green spaces to join them. It’s typically a picnic style free gathering with food laid on and the space for ball games and the like.


As with any Hotpot Community each will have its own feel and flavour dependant on who comes, the size and shape of the host church and what those attending contribute to the occasion. Bring a ball, bat, guitar, kite…juggling skills but most importantly come open to meet new people and have a good time.


The local church also offers a wet weather back-up Hotpot Meal option should the British weather disappoint so it’s still possible to share food, share life and build community together.


Get in touch for details about hosting a Hotpot Community Green event…here.